Key Event Series/Club Championship
The HTC Club Championship will continue unchanged in 2010-11. Points are scored based on your performances within your age group at races (triathlons only), but instead of only select races counting as was the case with the old Key Event Series, all triathlons you complete during the season will score you points. So those competing regularly have as good a chance as guns that only race occasionally!

Points will be awarded according to where you finish within your age and gender category. 100 points for first, then decreasing as a proportion of the total number of starters in your age group. Eg. If there is 100 in the age group then each place decreases by 1 pts (99, 98, 87), 20 in the age group then each place decreases by 5 pts (95, 90, 85), & 40 in the AG then 2.5 pts per place (97.5, 95, 92.5). If an age group has less than 10 starters, then 10 will be used for the calculations. Minimum points will be 25 per race.

Double Points will be awarded for the Nepean Triathlon and for Club Championships so make sure you're at those races!

Club Championship Top 5 for Season 2010/11
following weekend of - 11-12 December 2010

HTC Member Current Place Current Points Scoring Races Last Scoring Race
Martin Lord 1st 386 4 Ironman Western Australia
5 Dec 10
Sam Crisafulli 2nd 285 3 Nepean Enticer
13 Nov 10
Michael Duncan 3rd 247 4 Huskisson 1
21 Nov 10
Rose Waterhouse 4th 223 3 Canberra Half
12 Dec 10
Falko Thiele 5th 193 4 Huskisson 1
21 Nov 10

Full Club Championship Points Table