Friday Night Aquathlons
Our aquathlons (500m swim + 3.6km run) provide a fun training session in a simulated race environment involving 3 of the 4 legs of triathlon (swim, run & transition) and are also the perfect introduction to those thinking about joining the club &/or getting into triathlons.

We also cater for kids, who can choose to swim from 25m to 200m and run from 600m to 1800m on the school's oval.

Until the new Hornsby Aquatic Centre opens aquathlons will be held at Loreto Normanhurst, Osborn Rd, Normanhurst (with the occasional exception, see below for details). Look for the Hornsby Triathlon Club Banner!

2013-14 Friday Night Aquathlon Series

This season, the kids will start at 6:30pm with the first wave of adults starting @ 7pm SHARP.

Please have kids ready to go at 6:20pm and adults please be there BY 6:40pm to get your name down and be ready for the session briefing.

There is a $5 fee for non-members to help us cover the costs of pool hire and refreshments.
There is no pool entry.
A swimming cap must be worn in the Loreto pool.
As per TriNSW rules, non-members may do up to three club sessions prior to deciding whether to join the club and TA/TriNSW.

October 18th Round 1 results
November 1st Round 2 results
November 15th Round 3 results
November 29th Round 4 results
December 20th Round 5 results
January 10th
*(At Wahroonga Public School)
*Adults and kids please be there at 6:20 for a 6:30 start.
January 24th Round 6 results
February 14th Round 7 results
February 28th Round 8 results
March 14th Round 9 results
March 28th Grand Finale Handicap Challenge
2013-14 Series Points and Current Handicap Times

Course details

Swim - 500m (20 laps of Loreto Normanhurst Pool)

Run - 3.6 km (Map)

Course Records


Record Holder Time Date Swim Time Run Time
Male Lachie Hinds 21:15 11/3/2011 5:58 15:17
Female Sabrina Warwar 23:01 25/2/2011 6:31 16:30


Record Holder Time Date Swim Time Run Time
Male Alex Matthews 19:27 19/3/2004 6:25 13:02
Female Sarah Greenwood 21:53 7/12/2007 7:14 14:39


Summer Series Pointscore (only applicable to members)

The points system rewards members for improving their times. Basically, you are awarded points based on your time compared to your personal 'Handicap Time'. Here's how it works:

  • You must be a HTC member at the time of the session to gain points.
  • Your best 8 results throughout the season will count to your season total.
  • The last round is for double points.
  • Each round you start with 50 points then get +/- 5 points for every 1% that you are faster/slower than your handicap time (rounded to the nearest point). E.g. equalling your handicap time gets you 50 points, going 3% slower than your handicap gets you 35 points, going 8% faster than your handicap gets you 90 points etc.
  • Points are capped at a maximum of 100 per round (=10% faster than handicap time) and a minimum of 20 (6% slower).
  • Volunteers receive 25 points.
  • If it's your first session as a member and you don't yet have a handicap time you receive 50 points.
  • At least 2 sessions must be completed to be eligible for any season awards.
  • You must also volunteer at at least 1 round to be eligible for an award.
The 'Handicap time' system works like this:

The two key elements each session are your session time and your handicap time. Your new handicap time after each session is determined based on how much faster or slower than your handicap time you were in that session.

If you don't have a handicap time then you get 20 points for racing and you also get a brand new handicap time for next time!

There are 4 possible situations after each session:

1) you didn't yet have a handicap time:
New Handicap time = Session time + 1%

2) your session time equalled your handicap time:
New Handicap time = Old Handicap time

3) your session time was faster than your handicap time:
New Handicap time = Old Handicap time less 80% of the difference between Session time and Old Handicap time

4) your session time was slower than your handicap time:
New Handicap time = Old Handicap time plus 10% of difference (to a max of 15 secs) between Session time and Old Handicap time

and finally....
At the end of each series everyone who has completed a session in that season gets 2% added to their handicap time for the new year, and anyone who has not completed a session in the past 2 years is dropped off the handicap list - they get to start all over again.

Key points to remember:

  • A handicap time will only change if you run and complete a race (DNF does not count).
  • No matter how slowly you run, your handicap time will only move out a maximum of 15 seconds per race.
  • Race at least once in a season to get the end of season bonus added to your handicap time.
  • The last race of the season is for double points, so make sure you do a PB in that race!
  • The handicapping system brings your handicap time crashing down fast, but it takes forever to move out again - and there is nothing you can do about it, so enjoy!

    Prizes will be awarded to the mens and womens pointscore winners at the end of the season.


    Results and points scores from previous seasons are available here.